FAQ - Nasal Irrigation

  • How many times can I use the Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit?

    Nasal cleansing can be used up to three times daily, using a 250 ml (8.45 fl. oz.) solution.
    It is recommended to cleanse once a day. When used as long-term therapy (months or years) cleansing every 2 to 3 days has proven to be most successful.

  • How long can I perform nasal cleansing?

    You can perform nasal cleansing with the Emser Mineral Saline Mixture as long as it feels comfortable, it can be used indefinitely, provided the solution is used as instructed.
    Emser Mineral Saline Mixture is used in isotonic concentration, that means that its mineral balance is adjusted close to the composition of the nasal mucus of healthy individuals and so it is tolerated particularly well.

  • Which type of water is recommended for nasal rinsing?

    Distilled or cooled boiled water is the most suitable. Lukewarm temperature would provide the most comfortable rinse.

  • Can I use other salts for nasal irrigation?

    One packet Emser Mineral Saline Mixture is adapted to the filling volume of the Emser Nasal Irrigation Bottle whereby an optimum concentration of the solution can be easily made. For nasal irrigation we therefore recommend the usage of the Emser nasal irrigation device only in combination with the Emser Mineral Saline Mixture. Improper concentrations of the solution could irritate or injure the mucus membrane. Do not use homemade recipes.

  • What to do if the solution does not irrigate into the nose?

    If the nasal passage is blocked so that the solution cannot discharge or only small amounts of solution drain out of the opposite nostril, start rinsing from the blocked side, often the nasal cavity can be released from this blockade by flushing away incrustations of dried mucous from the other nostril.
    If this is not sufficient, the normal cleansing pressure can be improved by squeezing the Emser Nasal Irrigation Bottle carefully on its side. Do not increase the cleansing pressure with too much force to protect against discomfort. Too much pressure can force the solution into the sinuses and the Eustachian tubes (connecting passages from the nose to the ears).

  • What to do if the solution irrigates into the throat?

    Small amounts of solution can always wash into the throat. These should be spat out. If larger amounts wash into the throat then either the soft palate is not closed (remember to open your mouth widely) or the nasal passage on the other side is blocked so that the solution cannot discharge. In this case start rinsing from the blocked side.

  • What to do if solution discharges after treatment?

    Some people experience this due to solution pooling within spaces inside their noses. After treatment, move your head from side to side to discharge the solution completely from your nose.

  • Why does the Emser Nasal Irrigation Bottle leak even if the valve is closed?

    Although the valve is closed dripping of solution (about 5 drops per minute) out of the spout is normal and has been designed for safety reasons to avoid the bottle being used as a storage container to prevent infection and growth of germs. Please bear in mind that the Emser Mineral Saline Mixture does not contain any preserving agents, the solution may become contaminated if it is not used promptly.